Neighborhood Watch

The TECA Neigborhood Watch Program

Organized by members of the Civic Association, includes periodic patrolling of the neighborhood by community members.

The watch program is an integral part of TECA's ongoing effort to be proactive in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure. The success of this program truly lies in the efforts of all our neighbors.

Being willing to get involved and reporting any inappropriate or suspicious bevavior, has proven to be very effective in drasticly reducing crime.

The neighborhood watch program also includes TECA's riverfront property. It is important  to ensure that the gate is locked.

In addition to this patrol we encourage neighboors to get to know each other and to let each other know when they will be away from home. Together we can keep a watchful eye.

If there is a problem or suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call the police.

For additional information, please refer to your TECA Neighboorhood Newsletter, Directory, Handbook, or send an email to